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Giacomo Pedemonte

Interaction Designer

about me

I'm Giacomo, Italian and living in Zürich. I just finished the Bachelor of Arts in Interaction Deisgn at the Zurich University of Arts. I do a little bit of everything and thus have a wide range of skills. My passion though is designing and building physical and digital products and working with the latest technology. I like to challenge myself by coding with all kinds of languages, but am definitely not an expert in any of them. However I am most comfortable working in the web environment. My native language is German, my English is quite ok and I can speak some Italian and French.

what i do best

  • UX/UI

    I'm quickly able to define what a user needs from a digital product. I usually categorize users in different user groups and design user flows to create a solid User Experience. When it comes to designing User Interfaces, I have the needed skills in applications like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects etc. If useful I also create prototypes with HTML, CSS and JS.

  • Physical Computing

    I build physical objects, infused with the ability to feel their surrounding and change it in some way, thus creating interactive objects and installations. I usually use the electronics platform Arduino or Linux based Systems like the Raspberry Pi. With a wide rage of sensors and output devices unthinkable project are brought to life.

  • 3D and Video

    I use Cinema 4D to create 3D visualisations or even short animations. Using Adobe After Effects I join real footage with 3D or 2D objects to create product videos for instance. Lately I have been experimenting with 3D content on the Web using three.js. Be it for a video, webpage or visualisation, my 3D and video skills come in handy in all kinds of project phases.

  • Consulting

    Advices needed? I am here to share my expertise and knowledge to help your business reach goals. Being new to your company, I see the situation from a fresh perspective and can therefore find potential for change. I can either help refine your service or if you're a start up, join you in the creation of a new service.